Everybody's Business

Everybody’s Business

Everybody’s Business (Unser neuer Chef – Jetzt entscheiden wir!)

In this ground-breaking recruitment experiment, the rulebook is torn up and bosses hand over the hiring power to their employees. In what’s known as Collaborative Hiring, all the company employees assess candidates’ suitability for a real job through a series of on-the-job tasks. Once the assessment is over they then vote for the person they want to get the job. There’s an added twist: the candidates don’t know it’s all the company’s employees doing the hiring. They think it’s the boss, but it’s the workforce who is really watching. The question is: can the company’s different departments come to a consensus on which candidate is right for the job?

kabel eins is attempting this exciting job experiment in “Everybody’s Business” from Tuesday, 25 July 2017 at 8.15 p.m.: the employees at four companies decide who is going to lead them in future.

Broadcasts: On kabel eins in 2017
Produzent: Arne Kreutzfeldt
Senior Producer: Miriam Schulze
Originalformat: „Everybody’s Business“, BBC Worldwide