Gogglebox (Wohnzimmerhelden)

What does Germany really think about television? Gogglebox provides you with some mercilessly honest answers.

The national conversation takes place under the watchful glow of our flat screens, and Gogglebox is there to capture it. Each week, this show presents the highlights of the week’s television, intercut with footage of ordinary people watching it at home. Featuring a cross section of society, it’s funny, poignant, controversial and current – provoking conversation around the world about what is on the screen, and what’s happening in our viewers’ lives.

Whether it is the two grannies Christel and Ingeborg or the friends Fabi, Christian and Kolja: they invite viewers to join them on their couches to relive the most funny, emotional and spectacular moments on German TV each week, across all channels and genres. And whatever is on, you can be sure of one thing: this is the people’s voice speaking!

Broadcasts: 1 series in 2014 on SAT.1
Senior Executive Producer: Arne Kreutzfeldt
Executive Producer: Jochen Rosenkranz
Producer: Julia Kielhorn
Original format: “Gogglebox”, all3media international