Henssler Behind Bars

Gordon Behind Bars

Gordon Behind Bars (Henssler hinter Gittern)

This four-part documentary provides TV chef Steffen Henssler with an exclusive insight into life behind the walls of a German prison. The celebrity chef from Hamburg embarks on an experiment: he wants to teach a group of prisoners how to cook and then open a bistro behind bars with them. The 41-year-old chef wants to improve the prisoners’ prospects for when they are released from prison. Many of the inmates have never had a regular job. Henssler quickly realises that his noble objectives will be difficult to reconcile with the harsh reality of prison life. Will the celebrity chef succeed in helping a group of inmates hit culinary heights within four weeks?

Broadcasts: Summer 2014 on RTL
Senior Executive Producer: Arne Kreutzfeldt
Executive Producer: Jochen Rosenkranz
Original format: „Gordon Behind Bars“, optomen/all3media international