One In A Thousand

One In A Thousand

One In A Thousand (1000 – Wer ist die Nummer 1?)

A Saturday night game show on a truly epic scale.

Johannes B. Kerner and Kate Abdo host this new game show on ZDF – 1000 contestants in an exhilarating battle to win a grand prize of 100,000 Euros. Contestants of all ages and from all parts of Germany are ready to give their all but only one of them can win the ultimate prize.

Contestants face an array of challenges in order to find the ultimate allrounder in a huge array of disciplines – general knowledge, dexterity, cleverness and physical fitness in ever changing combinations. Only by doing equally well in all disciplines, keeping a clear head and not losing their nerve will contestants secure a place in the final and the chance to play for a prize of 100,000 Euros.

Broadcasts: On ZDF in 2015
Executive Producer: Markus Templin
Creative Producer: Philipp Schmid
Senior Producer: Kai Krabbenhöft, Gabriele Temp, Stephan Rolfes
In-house development in cooperation with BBC Worldwide and ZDF

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