Summer, Sun, Super Traffic Jam

Summer, Sun, Super Traffic Jam

ZDF.reportage: Summer, Sun, Super Traffic Jam

It’s part of the daily routine for commuters and truck drivers alike: the stress and pressure experienced on Germany’s motorways. In 2016 the German Automobile Club (ADAC) reported unrivaled records: 694,000 traffic jams with a total length of 1380000 kilometers. And the increasing traffic volume in Germany won’t improve in 2017.

More and more, the nerves of drivers reach breaking point. Emergency lanes are abused as crawl paths, hard shoulders used as short cuts. Service stations and parking lots are hopelelssly overcrowded. Road works during the holiday season are apparently unavoidable, and yet almost every traveller wonders: “Why now?”

The constant traffic jams create anger and frustration among all parties. For tourists, the police, construction workers or the truck drivers. This documentary follows their personal stories on Germany’s motorways and highlights an infrastructure close to collapse.


Broadcasts: On ZDF in 2017
Produzent: Arne Kreutzfeldt
Author: Janis Schönfeld